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Enjoy 50% OFF for Facebook Campaigns

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Amazing deal from Advesion, now you can reduce your Facebook Ads budget to 50%, as online advertising is expanding more and more, we intend to provide you with full control over your products and messages on Internet to adequately reach your audience, to further a long-term company‚Äôs name recognition, and to get your business run incredibly fast. 

How it works?

  • If you have such a product, Facebook Page or website, now you can get more traffic to your business and attract your targeted customer, Advesion will help you create ads that will help you get results.
  • we will create an audience that we'll target your ad to. Although your ad will only be eligible to show to people who fit into the target group that you choose, narrowing down your audience will ensure your ad is shown to the most relevant people.
  • The cost of your advertising on Facebook depends on the size of your audience and your budget. When you run your ad or sponsored story you will only be charged for the number of impressions (CPM) or clicks it receives. The amount that you pay will never be more than your daily or lifetime budget and there are no additional fees associated with running ads or sponsored stories on Facebook.
  • You may notice that the suggested bid range changes over time. This is normal, since it depends on how many other people are competing for your target audiencen and we work hard to get the best result by the lowest cost. 

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